Testimonials for Lowcountry Basement Systems

  The basement in Gerald O.'s Savannah, GA home used to flood constantly. Now thanks to Lowcountry Basement Systems, his basement is completely protected. In October 2016 the basement has been put to the ultimate test: Hurricane Mathew. "We had Hurricane Mathew, everything worked fine. We were without power for four days. The battery backup worked perfectly. The sump pump was running almost all of the time.", says Gerald
Gerald O. of Savannah, GA
The deck around the pool in Adrian W.'s Sanannah, GA home was sinking. Water had eroded the soil under the concrete, leaving large gaps underneath and causing the slab to sink. After being presented with options that didn't really make a lot of sense to her and her family, Adrian found out about Lowcountry Basement Systems and the company's revolutionary PolyLevel™ System. PolyLevel was a simple, affordable and quick solution for the problem and Adrian is very happy with the company and the results. "It is an exciting. innovative way to repair the foundation of your home and I think it is just a really cool process ", says Adrian.
Adrian W. of Savannah, GA
Right after purchasing their beautiful home in Savannah, GA Rod S. and his wife discovered some serious mold and wood rot issues that were not detected by the two different inspectors who examined the property during the buying process. Very upset, Rod began to look for a solution over the internet and that is how he found Lowcountry Basement Systems. In this testimonial, Rod talks about the service he received and the results. "I am completely confident that the problem is resolved with this solution and I look forward to having no problems in the future!" says Rod.
Rod S. of Savannah, GA
The floor in Jay S.'s home was sagging and sinking in some areas, to a point where he would get an uncomfortable feeling just by walking around. There was a lot of moisture in the home's crawl space, which overtime ended up compromising the floor structure above it. Jay chose Lowcountry Basement Systems to fix the problem and is happy he did. In this video he speaks about the experience and the results now that he entire floor is leveled and secured. "They made it happen, and I am happy!", says Jay.
Jay S. of Savannah, GA
  A portion of the driveway, in Mike O.'s Savannah GA home had sunk up to two inches, becoming a serious trip hazard for him and his family. That is when he called Lowcountry Basement Systems for help. Lowcountry Basement Systems is the exclusive PolyLevel™ dealer in the area and after Mike learned about the system, he was convinced that this would be the right solution for his driveway. In this video he speaks about the experience and the results. "I would recommend these guys to anybody!", says Mike.
Mike O. of Savannah, GA
  When Art L. from Richmond Hill, GA first noticed some cracks on his home's exterior brick wall, his main concern was that they were a sign of structural foundation problems. He then called Lowcounty Basement Systems to take a look at the issue. While the company is prepared to fix all types of foundation issues, using the most advanced and reliable technologies, the realized upon inspecting the property that there were no structural issues. Fortunatelly for Art, it was just the front porch beginning to settle -- a problem that was quickly solved with the PolyLEVEL™ System. PolyLEVEL is a structural-grade polymer foam, used to lift and level concrete slabs in commercial and residential applications. By injecting PolyLEVEL under the slab, through a small hole drilled in the concrete, Lowcountry Basement Systems installation technicians were able to quickly and precisely lift the entire porch back into its original position in only two days, thus closing the gaps in the brick wall. As for the experience he had with the company, here is some of what he has to say: "Their workers were professional, they were here on time, they cleaned up after themselves and there was no problem"
Art L. of Richmond Hill, GA
The driveway in Billy K.'s Dublin, GA home was cracked and sinking in several spots. After doing some research online he learned about the revolutionary PolyLevel™ Concrete Lifting System, being offered in his area exclusively by Lowcountry Basement Systems. Before he called us for an inspection, Billy believed that his driveway was irreparable, and that he would have to replace the concrete entirely. Once he was presented with an alternative that as quicker, less disruptive and more affordable, he was very confident that he had found the right company. In this video he talks about the experience he had with the company, and the results. "The results were outstanding. I was just blown away by how impressive it looked." , says Billy.
Billy K. of Dublin, GA
  A few years ago the Randy S.'s from Macon, GA had to repair the concrete in his driveway, because a pine root caused it to crack. After that, the downhill side of the driveway began to sink and it came to a point where that area was up to 1.5 inches below the level of the driveway. Randy started to look for a solution and after his wife saw one of our ads, he decided to contact Lowcountry Basement Systems. In this video he speaks about the experience and the results "It looks absolutely terrific. There is no inch and a half inch, it is flush, it will never wash out again, and it got filled up by that PolyLevel material.", says Randy. "We're pretty much living happily ever after as satisfied customers!"
Randy S. of Macon, GA
  The concrete floor in James and Mariea C.'s home in Byron, GA had a crack than ran through the entire middle of the house. Erosion of the soil underneath had created a void that was causing the slab to slowly sink. James tried to find a company that could fix the problem and after another contractor in the area canceled a schedules appointment, he decided to give Lowcountry Basement Systems a call. In this video the couple speaks about the experience they had with the company, from the first inspection all the way through completion of the project. "At the end, it was like amazing! I know that our home is on a good foundation." , says Mariea.
James & Mariea C. of Byron, GA
Jeff H.'s home in Bonaire, GA had some serious foundation settlement issues, to the point where cracks were beginning to appear on the concrete. That is when Jeff knew he had to get professional help and began searching for a company to help him fix the problem. One of the companies he looked in to was Lowcountry Basement Systems, and after having them inspect the property, detect the problem and explain what needed to be done, he decided to hire the company, confident that they would deliver the results he expected. "They stand behind their work, they have a 25-year warranty and as I got to know them (...) I got a real sense of confidence in this company", explains Jeff. "The whole time they were here, they were doing super work, getting the job done. It was hard, back-breaking type of labor, and at the same time they cleaned up after themselves. hey did a great job of making sure everything was back the way it was supposed to be, the same way they found it when they started." , concludes Jeff.
Jeff H. of Bonaire, GA
The concrete slab on the lower pation of Ron H.'s Sparta, GA home had sunk about 6 inches over the course of 9 years.  While researching a solution, he found that Lowcountry Basement Systems provided concrete lifting services in that area and decided to give us a call. In this video he speaks about his experience with the company and the results obtained with PolyLevel™ concrete lifting system.  "The product cures so quickly that there is not a wait time for it to dry", says Ron. "It was probably a third of what it would have cost to tear up the concrete and re-pour everything."
Ron H. of Sparta, GA
A few months after building an addition to his Macon, GA home, Stephen D. began to notice all the typical signs of foundation settlement in that new extension of the building. There were cracks on the foundation, cracks around windows and doors, and the french doors which would lead to the deck would no longer open. Stephen remembers that one point, if he dropped a marble in the middle of the room, it would quickly roll to a corner of the room that had sunk up to 1/5 inches.He called Lowcountry Basement Systems for help. In this video he explains how the company helped diagnose and fix the problem, and talks about his experience as a customer. "We got the correct group to work on it from the very beggining", says Stephen. "It was a practical solution for the problem that we had."
Stephen D. of Macon, GA
Aaron Martin and John Ryan were absolutely wonderful. They were prompt, answered our questions and were aware of the surroundings, keeping the area tidy. Above all, they were the most polite & well-mannered young men we have dealt with in years. They represented your company as if it were their own. You should be proud of them and the service they rendered.
Thomas S. of Orangeburg, SC
Awesome! Aaron and John did a great job and were very clear in communicating what was going to happen. Aaron asked all of the right questions before work began to ensure that we were on the same page to achieve the desired outcome. One of my best experiences with a service company, ever.
Ashley T. of Charleston, SC
We were referred to you by two different people. Both people gave your company excellent referrals. Very hard workers! Need to give them a pay increase!
Glenn T. of Brunson, SC
Most innovative system.
William H. of Hampton, SC
It was a pleasure to do business with a company who really appreciated your business. I was really suprised when I got not one but two calls letting me know they could not start my job on time. Most companies would not have even bothered to call. Thank you for being such a professional company.
Robert B. of Hampton, SC
Overall, our experience with Lowcountry Basement was outstanding.
Brenda, G. of Seabrook, SC
Very satisfied. Only one to permanently fix the problem.
Mark &. of Lady's Island, SC
One of the most professional and efficient crews I have ever encountered in 40 years of home ownership. Aaron and John were fantastic. Very professional. I would recommend them highly to anyone; in fact, I've already done so. Rating: A+
Judy J. of Beaufort, SC
You did a terrific job and I am happy to say our floors are FLAT for the first time in years!
V.F. of Spring Island, SC
Testimonial Photo by Teresa D.
If only every company I had to do business with was as good and responsive as you! Well, the world would sure be a better place. The three guys you sent, Russell, Joshua and Judah, were terrific. My job was a small one but everything they did was meticulous. Though the process was messy with piles of dirt and stone, when they left, one could not have told, by looking, that anything had transpired at all. Yet I know I now have a proper drain and membrane in place. Judah even fixed my electrical outlet on my porch! I would (and will) recommend your company to anyone.
Teresa D. of Bluffton, SC
Aaron and his crew worked extremely hard. There customer service and dedication is a true asset to your company.  
Joey S. of Springfield, GA
Robert seemed more experienced and knowledgeable in this field. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our project and would highly recommend you to others with similar issues as ours.
Tara W. of Bluffton, SC
Thanks for all your Company's help with the installation of the Clean Space system. The Sea Island home we remodeled was experiencing significant crawl space moisture problems which resulted in elevated levels of mold and wood rot. The elevated moisture levels also caused musty odor problems in the home. The system your Company installed included drain tile, sump pumps, Clean Space liner, and dehumidifiers. After the system was installed the humidity levels have remained below 55% RH, and the musty odors have subsided. The home also had water intrusion issues which the sump systems have eliminated. We were experiencing flooring and moisture problems with a new home we had completed on St Simons Island. Installation of Clean Space on the home eliminated condensation with the HVAC duct system which was causing the problem. Once the system was completed, moisture levels in the crawl space dropped below 50% RH and the cupping of the oak floors quickly subsided. I want to thank you for your professional attention to the details and I look forward to working with you on our future projects in Coastal Georgia. Please feel free to include me on your list of Contractor References. -Doug S.Wexford Homes, L.L.C.
Doug S. of Rincon, GA
Thanks for the follow-up on the services completed on my waterfront building on 08/13/12. I offer the following grades for the subject completed contracted service: Design A+ Craftmanship A+ Honesty A+ Price A+ Professionalism A+ Love of Christ A+ Timeliness A+ Schedule A+ Dedication A + Heavy-duty construction A+ Genuine Friendliness A+ Efficiency A+ My dock and breezeway were restored better than the contract, ahead of schedule, under budget and flawless. Thanks for serving me like a valued friend. The final product is a work of art. You have earned my endorsement for a future strong reference. Customers can completely trust Lowcountry Basement. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-I am happy to tears! Thanks for everything Lowcountry Basement
Ralph F. of Rincon, GA
I just want to again say thank you to you and your whole crew. The house came out amazing [foundation repair].
Tim M. of Rincon, GA
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