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Case Studies: Sagging Floor Receives Boost from SmartJacks® and Joist Assists

Friday, May 12th, 2017 by Michael Connolly


The wooden floors of Mr. Thompson’s new home began to sag and bounce two years after it was built. He called Lowcountry Basement Systems to fix his foundation problem.


Lowcountry Basement Systems installed two PowerBrace Beams across multiple joists. Under the PowerBrace Beams, four SmartJacks were installed to push the subfloor back into place. The SmartJacks and PowerBrace Beams provided a long-term solution to Mr. Thompson’s foundation problem. Ten Joist Assist Brackets were also installed to protect the life of the joists. 

The project took one day.

Project Summary

Joist Assist Brackets: 10

SmartJacks: 4

PowerBeams: 2

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