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Case Studies: Fishbowl Foreclosure_Increased Property Value over $100k

Friday, September 30th, 2016 by Michael Connolly


A few years ago, a gentlemen bought a foreclosure for less than $20,000. The seller recognized the severe problems with the house and didn’t see any value in the property other than the land itself. It was assumed that the house would have to be demolished and removed before the land would be worth anything. 

The new owner invited one of our inspectors to look at his newly acquired purchase before calling the demolition company. Kris of Lowcountry Basement Systems identified numerous challenges the house was facing.

  1. The middle section of the house had sunk 2 inches. “I put a pencil on the floor and it rolled all the way to the center of the house. The house had taken the shape of a fish bowl.”, Kris stated.
  2. The support beams under the house were shot. The floors bounced up and down when you walked on them.
  3. There were severe cracks in the garage concrete.
  4. Interior walls were not connecting to the ceiling.
  5. Cracks ran up and down walls throughout the house.


Lowcountry Basement Systems installed (4) Push Piers at an average depth of (25) ft, (9) 10’ SmartJacks, (1) 8’ PowerBrace beam and approximately (154) lbs of PolyLevel.

The system came together beautifully!  The foundation was raised and stabilized. The floor is now nearly level, and the home’s value has increased at least $100,000.

Project Summary


(4) 288 Low Profile Push Piers:

(9) 10' SmartJacks:

PowerBrace 8' Beam:

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