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Case Studies: Burgess Residence

Monday, October 18th, 2010


The Burgess Residence was built in 1983 on very expansive soil called gumbo clay. Over the years the clay expanded and contracted as the wet and dry seasons would come and go. This shifting of the soil caused her chimney, located in the rear of the house, to become detached, leaving a seven inch gap from the chimney to the side of the house. Mrs. Burgess feared that the chimney would fall and take the walls of her living room down with it. She received several quotes on how to fix her problem and one offer to pull it down with a tractor. Mrs. Burgess sat down at her computer and began to do research and then called Lowcountry Basement Systems. She said we offered her the best solution; one that works, is affordable and comes with a 25 year warranty.


The Lowcountry Basement Inspector implemented a plan that put the chimney back up against the house where it belonged. Three Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers were installed and the project was completed in two days. The load of the home was transferred through the piers to the stable soil far underneath the structure or bedrock so the future shifting of the top soil will no longer affect the foundation. Once the piers were installed, they were unable to be seen from the interior or exterior of the home.

The Foundation Supportworks push pier system was installed and the chimney returned to its intended position. The gap between the chimney and exterior wall was closed and the value of the home was restored. Mrs. Burgess no longer lives in fear that her home is going to be pulled away by her falling chimney and now she can relax on her sofa and enjoy her living room.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Lowcountry Basement Systems, Rincon, GA

Certified Inspector: Robert Videon

Products Installed: 3 Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Low Profile Push Piers

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